Дэниэль Райс отвечает на вопросы, 2009

Интервью с участником группы Дэниэлем Райсом.

What is the story behind your band name?

Dan: It’s taken from the Capcom computer game series ‘Street Fighter’ — it’s a special move where one of the characters fires a ball of energy at his opponent. We just thought it sounded energetic and exciting and different to most other band names.

How did you become a band?

Dan: James started writing tracks in 2007 and recruited the band to perform his new material live. Alice is his girlfriend, he’d recently met Dan studying at University in Leeds who then introduced him to his brother, Nick who in turn brought Chris to the group.

In which way did you come in contact with the labels, e.g also Kitsuné?

Dan: A lot of record labels got in touch with us direct in the early days. Our stuff was coming out back when myspace was really popular so a lot of labels discovered us and got in touch through messaging us on myspace, we never sent out demos or reached out to the labels ourselves.

How would you describe your musical style?

Dan: Dance/rock

Which influences (e.g. musical) do you have when producing?

Dan: Prodigy, Leftfield, Rage Against the Machine, Wiley/PAYG, Youngsta/Musical Mob, Riko Trim, JME, MC Viper/B-Live, Wizzbit, Wafer, Pendulum, DJ Krust, Dillinja, Oris Jay, TNT, DJ Zinc/BINGO, Mampi Swift & The Streets.

Which lyrical themes do you cover in your texts? Why?

Dan: A lot of the lyrics on the first album are based on social observations, tales of everyday life inspired by the likes of Mike Skinner and Alex Turner. The lyrics on the new album have changed dramatically, they are a lot more mature and abstract.

Your music is nothing for the faint hearted 😉 . Do you like the image of provoking and alarming listeners with your music?

Dan: Sure, it’s meant to be an aggressive and alarming sound because we feel that’s the most powerful sound to deliver in a live setting, we would like to make dance music that has the intense impact of a metal band and yet still have people able to dance to it.

How do your songs come into existence/How do you produce?

Dan: James writes and demos all the tracks himself at his home studio and then takes them in to a proper studio and finishes them off, sometimes with outside help from another producer or engineer and getting the rest of the band to play in live instrumentation where necessary. On this album he worked
with Dutch drum and bass producers Nosia which was incredible, they are phenomenally talented guys and were really happy with the sound of the album.

Will your new album sound more “mainstream” because you call it “For the Masses? Or what is the idea behind the albums title?

Dan: It’s actually called for the masses in reference to the mass of people that you get a gig or in a club, the music was written to be played to such groups of people. Hopefully people will be able to enjoy listening to it on their own at home or driving etc but it’s best appreciated in the live setting with a huge group of people out to have a good time.

In which way did the production process of your new album change from the previous one?

Dan: As mentioned above we worked with Noisia on this record, this was the first time we had worked with one producer for the entire album, which means it has a lot more of a unified and consistent sound than the last record, where we worked with several people. Noisia also come from a dance, specifically drum’n’bass background, as opposed to rock and pop background of many of the producers we have worked with in the past so this inevitably had an effect.

Can you tell us something about the video of your new single “M.A.D”? Where did you have the idea from?

Dan: The idea came from Martyn Thomas the director. He is a personal friend of the band that we have known for years and we have always wanted to get him to direct a video for us so we sent him the track and the cat and mouse idea was the first one he came back with. We loved it so much that we brought the mouse character on tour with us for a week and Martyn filmed a short comedy mock-documentary about his life on the road, it’s called ‘The Rise and Fall Of Swagger Mouse’ and it will be on youtube soon!

Your favorite albums of 2009? Why?

Dan: So many great albums this year, some favorites: Tubelord, The Mountain Goats, The Maccabees, Mumford and Sons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, This City, Twin Atlantic, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Fever Ray, The Horrors and lots more I’m excited about but haven’t had a chance to listen to yet!

Which song makes you always dance – independent of the situation?

Dan: Paramore — Misery Business, it’s a favorite in the dressing room before we go on stage.

What’s on your rider?

Dan: It’s very boring, just regular sandwich materials and crate of beer!

Thanks Dan from Hadouken! for answering our questions!

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