6 feet – Scarlxrd lyrics

Lyrics Scarlxrd – 6 feet

I want everything there is to have don’t say I’m wrong
I’ve been through the worst and yet I’m still here standing strong
step into my mind you’ll last two seconds then you’re gone
demons in my penthouse know the words to all my songs
sing along if you feel it, hey
fill it up then sip it, hey
i still got my vision, hey
f**k it ill go missing, yh yh
this is the sickest game
brand-new cold devision, hey
twisted and efficient, hey
screaming helps the crippling pain.
I can’t be giving advice, aye
bottle your hatred inside, yh
loose yourself when you get high, ouu
i do that s**t all the time, aye
i told my lover goodbye, yh
sometimes i hope that she dies, yh
i got no tears left to cry, yh
im really gonna blow this time like, ay.
I got my foot on the throttle, yh
drowning my sorrows in bottles, yh
i carry baggage like cargo, hey
someone please help me I’m not okay
i want the plaques like im Dr dre
stunting with jewels like everyday
your chain looks nice so they confiscate
if i get desperate ill rob the safe
i know you wish you were me i got rich and i finally got money to eat
s**t i was down for a minute or 3
i got scars on the tops and the backs of my feet, aye
lastly i know how to breath versuri-lyrics.info
took me so long to get back on my feet
i never quit you see quitting is weak
change up the vision with things that i speak, yhyh.(6 feet)

In all my searching theres this one thing that i found,
we don’t go to heaven we just rot inside the ground.

/6 feet/ (x4)
/stay down right down/ (x4)
/6 feet/ (x4)
/stay down right downnn/ (x4)
Scarlxrd lyrics
Video feet

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