CJ Fly & Nyck Caution – “Kold Killah 13” Lyrics


(Verse 1)
Livin’ every day like no tomorrow try my best not to dwell
‘Til my style got the, everything it was swell, well
Most ‘squitos wanna be fly
Once sold like a clerk, not the clarks in my wallabee size
I mean, who other besides us?
Get the honeys, then get buzz like a bumblebee hive
I be high, but I try to behave
This for my fam in the building that be hungry that just try to relate
They try to blame it on our race, that the message relays
Flight on the course to get these chips lines in the air, won’t be gettin’ delays
And I’m the one she put on but turn into first place
And I just confiscate, besides I take it away

(Verse 2)
I’m still tryna get these streets hot
Finger out at each cop
We [?], straight lift until our knees pop
Them higher ups is not f*cking with us
Your chance steep like a ski drop
Crazy if you gotta believe me, I got no problem with grieving
All I gotta do is drop you like a Totem, got no problem with leaving
I’ll escort you from my door step, dorks at the court desk
Say that I’m the source of remorse and your score stressed
Lo siento mami, I slow the tempo hardly
This is your moment where you live all of your scar me
I been defensive but it’s time you get the message
You wanna spiral but it’s time to get progressive
Hit my last girl’s spot, but we done with that ecstacy
You been blessed if you messed with me
I wreck records ’til they rest in peace
Reject if you step to see

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