Corbin – wretch Lyrics

Been feeling death up
Everyday clawing my neck up
Ain’t nobody call you when you’re red though
Why you gotta live like that, boy?
Why the fuck you on my back for?
Really though, you aren’t my dad, no

Living life in the red more
Twenty-four like full dread, oh
Girl, you’re what I live for
Living my life in the red more
Where the party, where the party left to?
Ain’t nobody gonna feel it back for you
All my heart fully ran out
Feeling my life getting ran out
You can just go and forget me
Yeah, yeah that’s a wrap-up

I don’t mind putting my back to the rapture
All of my head feel the wrath of the world
Been quiet but I still feel it yet, feel it yet
Why you damning me?
Gonna wait for the day they come for me
I don’t wanna live like that
Really drain my heart
Been doing your damage
What have I done?
Fully lose my faith in the world
Oh, want my bed

Out of my mind, out of my head
How do I ride through?
I don’t mind dying, over with life
Dealing with my debt
Out of my head, living in the red
Living in the red
Out of my time
Go ahead and take me
Don’t really care for the world

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