Sy Ari Da Kid Feat. J.I.D & EarthGang – “New Malcolm X” Lyrics

The purpose of our organization of Afro-American unity, which has the same aim and objective to fight whoever gets in our way and bring about the freedom of these people by any means necessary.

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream, ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

(Verse 1)
Nah mean, nah mean?
Still shining in front of the hood like highbeams, yah mean?
It seems, I’m as great as a god
They say I’m the bomb, I got a date with Saddam
As-salamu alaykum, wa’alaykumu as-salam
Cooking turkey bacon but I don’t pray to Allah, nah
Die for it all or live for something
Shit can get disgusting within this discussion
Fuck it, would you risk your life for what you believe in?
The world is cold, at least you wasn’t anemic
They wanna kill me mid-speech, afraid of my truth
A few real niggas left, they hate that I’m proof
My value on demand, niggas can’t ignore it
And if you can’t buy it twice then you can’t afford it
See I’m the man of all this real shit these niggas is claiming
They physically free, mentally living in cages, pray for ’em

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream (had a dream), ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

(Verse 2)
By any means, yadda I mean?
In the coupe, my Miss Coretta Scott thing
And I swear I had a dream, I had a dream
But it was nothin’ like Dr. King
I know that life is pie, I’m a tiger, I’m pissing on you clowns
Swimming in pussy drunk, pray to god I don’t drown
I’m Mister One Dollar, ain’t got a dollar in my pocket
Pick a coin out the rubble, long travel ropes, I suppose
I expose myself through the music, talking execution
Moves I do, kick dumb flips
Sommersault, mastermind, winter killed spring then summer ‘sault
Summer assault, mash words, mumble talk
I don’t fumble y’all
Look at me rambling as usual
You don’t know what sixteen gunshots will do to you
Two handguns, shotgun user like
Blucko blucko blucko, wasn’t none I could do
I was focused on the movement, wan’ kill me then do it like
We can be the start and the spark of the revolution
Televised through some rebel eyes, hella uncivilized
Dangerous capable individuals and odds, uh
Man, just bring in the pallbearers
All y’all thought we stole from y’all eras
Love them people you call home, equip ’em with long feathers
And make sure they stalk my steps wherever I’m walking, yeah
I’m Malcolm X on the X pill
Dr. King on the jet going to Russia to go see Sweatler
Hope they don’t check us at the customs and the connectors
Or whatever, hope they don’t check us at the customs

(Verse 3)
A lot of guys just overstate the obvious
Cliche niggas from colleges rambling about their consciousness
If you ask me, that’s exactly what the problem is
Politics and ‘Polly want a cracker’ nigga starting shit
I never beg for pardons, it’s the part of lion’s mafia
The horrifying rotting writing revolution army bruh
It’s a struggle with a C or a K
Social worker on the way, you children better behave
And all the Christians want to know if I’m 5 percenting
And 5 percenters want to know if I’m rocking with ’em
And the Hindus want to know which past life is the beginning
And I’m just shrugging my shoulders like my nigga what’s the difference
Still mass murder, I’m Nat Turner on Nat Geo
Who’s lyin’, kill a lion, wear his body like a snuggie
Hot fresh hemoglobin warm the skin of a druggie
And all these fucking fakes around me all pretending they love me
Still any means necessary
Even if it means getting buried
Even if it means getting carried by your closest friends
Rocking gloves at the cemetary
It’s gon’ get ugly, uh

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream, ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

(Verse 4)
Inspiration lying naked somewhere on vacation
Your whole crew zombies, no denominations
It’s strictly observation, so why bait you
Inflate you with my nature, put seas and extends like the makers
Won’t have to primate your height and states emergencies
Against the wall, head in your knees, somehow we reached this
I know I was walking eager, something awful lies between us
Probably a siren screamer, sky was falling through my fingers
But you see all of these bombs playing hopscotch so close next to you and me
It kinda got me thinking what is life but chugging ether
And loving people and I know that’s hard for you to see
When I say you I’m scared I’m really just talking to me
I’d rather change the subject, holidays enough sweats
And great sex caused the cardiac arrest
And to make it this far we done hobbled and stepped
I done lost a few queens for these here rap checks
You follow impressed, I’m in the jungles with hacksaws
Pushing the carvan inland for actuals
Holding my nuts on the cavernous as a lantern
Scrambling for the light inside your eyes with the fist of mud
Spend my little yearly earnings on a trip to the Nile
and send me the real searching for the real plug
Pray extension cord extend to Adamsville
Well shit ’bout as solid as a willow in the wind storm
Manning the cannons, handing ’em deaf slips lord
Way before my time, feeling like a stillborn
Under pressure like Freddy and god bless you
If you find yourself sleepwalking in on our session
Or find yourself late sneaking in on God’s lesson
Like you got your homework, couldn’t get the last question

Excuse me, excuse me miss?
So you, you got your homework?
Couldn’t crack the last question
Ma’am, ma’am
Said you did your homework, I couldn’t get the last question
Damn, ma’am, please, please
Please help me out

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream, ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

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