Vic Mensa – “Diplomatic Immunity” Lyrics

Turn my voice up a little bit
You know I had to do it, I just remade the beat off YouTube
Shout out to the Lex Luger drum kit

(Verse 1)
It’s my revenge!
Diplomatic immunity, f*ck ’em
Backstabbing n*gg*s even for screwing me
Like they just went through puberty, f*ck ’em
Shout my n*gg* Bada$$ for telling them who’s the new Joe in town
Do the Yung Joc motorcycle dance it’s going down
Since rappers tried to claim my lane like I was Lois now
I put this punk sh*t in the zeitgeist double Sex Pistol
Still a threat from a distance like a Korean missile
Hard to be official, you all sound like Youtube remakes
Remade the beat off Youtube though f*ck it, it’s just a mixtape
Go buy a squatty potty, boy you need to get your sh*t straight
I put the African face on my chain like I’m Kunta Kinte
Trendsetter, been better than these Cinderellas
Call me Vino Valentino and the V’s for Vendetta
You hide behind a mask on Twitter and remain anonymous
Fake like it’s all Love And Hip-Hop shows till they push the Joe button and you get punched in your face as a consequence
And jump right back on Live capping with confidence
Famous for putting your hands on women, you can’t be proud of it
Don’t try to f*ck wit me shorty, just stay monogamous
We from polar opposites, I’m from that South pole
Where that pole is always popping sh*t
You more like Papa Doc and sh*t
I see the future like I was at The Shelter
Race wars Helter Skelter
White addicts like Griselda
That’s why my lyrics be blacker than Idris Elba
I feel like I’m the link just like The Legend of Zelda
I really get excited these days
My therapist is tired these days
My brain is wired these days
Me and my dawgs don’t know how to behave, we know how to be paid like the MBA
Not the NBA and the NFL are the new Willy Lynch show ya how to be slaves
Racism exists, ’till Kaepernick plays
Michael Vick is a Uncle Tom saying cut off his ‘fro and make it fade
You should fight the system instead of fighting a dog
Dawg–really, you out your frame n*gg*
Jump around with the white boys like House of Pain n*gg*
Thinkin’ they love you, they stripped you of everything n*gg*
And now these rappers talkin’ about some “gang, gang” n*gg*
You ain’t no gang member, they get paid to protect you
I’m playing FIFA on the corner and you made me finesse you
And with the flow, I’m victorious like David, I’m Beckham
I can peck them at the London function
sh*ttin’ on tape, wiping my rectum, no peseco in my section
This is strictly Ace of Spaces, gold bottle regalia
Golden like I’m Jill Scott, I spit the Gospel Mahalia
At the table with my apostles, taking shots at your area
Your firearms are too short to box with God
Pick a side or you get ate like an octagon
Or decide to stay like Rufus and Chaka Khan
And we put 50k on your face like a pacaran
Watch how quick the minutes tick when you’re runnin’ out of time
Tell Flex drop a bomb, I’m the prodigal son, I gotta shine
Solar eclipse, blind n*gg*s like a dollar sign
Then I Dip with the Roc like when Cam’ron was signed


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